“Connecting artists with community and resources to support and help fulfill their life and kingdom purposes.”

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In the book Culture Care, by artist, catalyst and theologian Makoto Fujimura, he speaks of his discovery of the unique and potent value of bees to the thriving of a garden. In his learning and experience the presence of bees living in a healthy hive allowed them to be the integral ingredient to the vitality and yield of Fujimura’s garden.

Likewise, he believes that as bees do not live in the garden but do their powerful work from the hive so artists need spaces of community from which they can pollinate the societies around them. And, like the bees, artists through their work add to those societies the pollination necessary for them to yield their healthiest and most fruitful expression.

LIFESPACE is REV1211’s ministry hub. A place designed to be a hive for artists, where they can be in community and be ministered to through the continuing development of the three following initiatives:


Though many shared meals are sure to happen at Lifespace, feeding refers to spiritual feeding. Artists can encounter communal gatherings, biblical and theological teaching as well as participate in Holy Spirit directed conversations about God’s desires and plans for their lives and callings.


Artists will also have opportunities at Lifespace to participate in natural networking with other artists. They will also have occasions to collaborate in workshop type settings and hear from guest speakers and artists. All of this is to help them as they continue to grow in their crafts.


Through community and encouragement it is our desire that artists will receive emotional nourishment to bolster them as they pursue their art. Along with relational time artists will have opportunities to join in times of service to the community around them through their expertise and talents. This is both performance and service-based engagement in the city.